Here are some of my most recent projects for Android and iOS.
Crazy Jacks Crazy Jacks Crazy Jacks Crazy Jacks

Known to others as "One Eyed Jack", "Jack Foolery", "Wild Jacks", "Jacks and Fives", and perhaps other names. Crazy Jacks is an online multiplayer board game for Android and iOS.

Each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards and plays them strategically on the board to connect 5 chips while blocking their opponent from doing the same thing.

Crazy Jacks has a steadily growing player base with over 1,000 games played online every day.


A game about exploring a mysterious Dungeon. Dungeon is a 3D rogue-like that features procedurally generated levels, puzzles, loot, quests, and lots of risky items that are "unidentified" until you try them. This creates a unique experience for the player each time they play. Dungeon is expected to be released in 2015.

libgdx-fbxconv-gui libgdx-fbxconv-gui

libgdx-fbxconv-gui is a tool to help with the creation of assets for 3D LibGDX Games. Using its drag 'n drop interface you can easily convert files to the native LibGDX format (.g3db) individually or in batches. It also serves as a 3D model preview utility to help identify issues with your 3D model before converting it (eg find issues with lighting, materials, animations, export settings).